Direct Payments

We strongly encourage our clients to take a direct payment to fund there support if eligible.

With changes to preferred providers in Lancashire if you wish to keep the agency you are with contact us to see how you can do this using a Direct Payment.

It is up to the individual how they manage this but we have some recommendations.

  • If you are employing a carer directly do not pay more than £7.90 an hour even though you are given £11 an hour in Lancashire. Out of this £11 an hour you have to meet costs such as payments to HMRC, cover for holidays and sickness as well as the hourly rate. What you pay is up to you but if you do not follow the above you may not have enough money to meet your care needs.


  • Make sure all extra payments you wish to make are covered in your support plan and agreed by social services.


  • The Law says you have to give anyone you employ 5.6 weeks holiday a year minimum pro rata to the hours they work.


  • Do not engage any one as self employed without checking their status with HMRC as you will be liable to make tax payments if they fail to do so. HMRC have strict regulations on self employment and most individuals providing care would not qualify for this status.