What is Independent Living?

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What is Independent Living?

Many people believe that independence is about doing everything for yourself, and therefore as disabled people often need assistance in their everyday life, they cannot be independent.Disabled People challenge this assumption. We say that independence is not about doing everything for yourself, no-one lives in isolation from the rest of the world, we all depend on each other, this is why we all live as a society.

It is this fundamental understanding that gave birth to the independent living movement. Choice and control are two of the most important factors denied to many Disabled People.  Disabled people refuse to accept that non-disabled people have the right to deny them choice and control over their own lives.

Having the finance, and support to enable Disabled People to employ their own assistants to assist them with their everyday lives is a good way of facilitating independence. By employing their own staff, Disabled People can control how the assistance they need is provided, allowing them to lead the lifestyle of their choice.

The concept of Direct Payments was ‘invented’ by disabled people to facilitate control of the assistance they require and therefore facilitate Independent Living.

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