Support Planning

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Support Planning
A Support Plan says how you want to change your life and how you will spend your individual budget to get the life you want.

Now you have the Right to Control you should think about what you want your Support Plan to do for you – what outcomes you want to achieve. Your support service and the CIL can help you with this.

  • If you’re happy with the support you get now you can choose to keep it.
  • If you want, your support service can recommend and arrange the best support for you. This may be your local council or Jobcentre Plus.
  • You might want to receive your support from elsewhere or choose a different type of support.
  • You can also choose to have your money paid direct to you so that you can arrange your own support. You choose what to spend your money on and when.
  • Your support service must give you an indication of how much money you have available to spend.

What should be in your support plan

Your Support Plan sets out the support you will receive and how and when any money is spent on your support. You can design this anyway you like. If you prefer, you can get help from your family and friends, or another organisation such as one of your support services or the Centre for Independent Living.

You can also ask for someone completely independent to help with the form and to help you to say what you want to say.

Your support Plan should include:

  • What you want to achieve – your outcomes, your goals.
  • How much money you have to spend.
  • Information about the services and support you have chosen and who will pay for these.
  • When you will receive your support.
  • Details of any Direct Payments you have chosen and who these will be paid to.
  • Information about any financial contribution you are making to your support.
  • How often you will review your Support Plan to make sure it’s working for you

Who has to agree to my support plan

You will need to discuss your Support Plan with your support service so that you both agree it can achieve your outcomes. Usually this will be your local council, Jobcentre Plus, ILF or the Centre for Independent Living.

Normally your support service should agree with your Support Plan. However, sometimes they may feel this is not the best way of achieving your outcomes or they might not agree to provide Direct Payments. If this is the case they must write to you explaining why.

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